About Us

Who are we?

DZD hardwood is a family business, specializing in hardwood lumber handling drying and remanufacturing since 1983.

What makes us different?



DZD offers hardwood lumber in a variety of species, such as White Oak, Red Oak, Cherry, Soft Maple, Hard Maple, White Ash, Walnut, Beech, Basswood, Poplar and most other species native to North America.



We have over 10 kilns and a drying capacity of over 520,000bft.

DZD also has over 2,000,000bft of storage facility for kiln dried hardwood lumber.


Loading Options

The container loading facility, with 4 container doors and sufficient space for loading and unloading trucks, is located under the same roof as the storage and grading facilities.

Customer Satisfaction

Hardwoods can be surfaced on premises, according to customer's specifications.

We manufacture a variety of semi-finished hardwood products with the help of a well-trained and dedicated work force.


A state of the art dimension shop accommodates all our customers' demands. Some of the optimizing equipment includes:

Our Commitment

To offer high quality, consistent well dried and well graded hardwood lumber.

To protect and conserve the environment, by minimizing the waste of this valuable renewable natural product.

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