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Hardwood Processing Facilities

DZD`s state-of-the-art equipment gives customers industry leading yields. Our value-added process improves our customer`s bottom line.
DZD has 10 kilns and a drying capacity of over 12,000,000 bft per year. Customer satisfaction is the DZD priority!
DZD-Hardwood: Mereen Johnson Rip Saw
Mereen Johnson Rip Saw
Mereen Johnson rip saw with a custom made optimizing system.
DZD-Hardwood: Newman Planer
Newman Planer
Latest model of planner with sorting table to facilitate high end planning as well as an area where colour sorting can be done on material.
DZD-Hardwood: Paul Optimizing Cross Cut
Paul Optimizing Cross Cut
Computer and scaner operated cross cut saw allowing the preparation of fixed length components, as per customer specifications.
DZD-Hardwood: Automatic stacker
Automatic stacker
Our automatic stacker allows for swift handling of fresh sawn material in hot summer month.
DZD-Hardwood: Kilns
9 conventional kilns and 1 high efficiency vacuum kiln, for a total annual capacity of 12,000,000bft. A high efficiency boiler system is the main heat source.
DZD-Hardwood: Trimmer Grading Table
Trimmer & Grading Table
Innovative computer and scan driven double end trimmer allows DZD to offer lumber prepared and sorted as per clients needs and demand.
DZD-Hardwood: Storage Facility
Storage Facility
DZD has dry storage area to maintain 2 million plus BFT of kiln dried inventory.
DZD-Hardwood: Container Truck Loading
Container & Truck Loading
DZD operates 4 loading docks to best serve clients, by maintaining control of the product until loaded in container.

DZD hardwood is a family business, specializing in hardwood lumber handling drying and remanufacturing since 1983.

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