Our Equipment

A state of the art dimension shop where we use only the finest equipment enables DZD to meet customer’s demands.

Mereen Johnson
Rip Saw

Mereen Johnson rip saw with a custom made optimizing system.

Newman Planer

Latest model of planner with sorting table to facilitate high end planning as well as an area where colour sorting can be done on material.

Paul Optimizing
Cross Cut

Computer and scaner operated cross cut saw allowing the preparation of fixed length components, as per customer specifications.

Automatic stacker

Our automatic stacker allows for swift handling of fresh sawn material in hot summer month.


9 conventional kilns and one high efficiency vacuum kiln, for a total capacity of 520,000bft. The main power source being wood residue to fire in a high efficiency boiler as the main heat source.

Trimmer &
Grading Table

Innovative computer and scan driven double end trimmer allows DZD to offer lumber prepared and sorted as per clients needs and demand.

End Matcher

Our end matcher is designed to meet the most stringent requirements of end matching precision, designed to meet European expectations DZD Hardwood can offer wide plank flooring of the highest quality..

Storage Facility

DZD has dry storage area to maintain 2 million plus BFT of kiln dried inventory.

Container & Truck

DZD operates 4 loading docks to best serve clients, by maintaining control of the product until loaded in container.