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DZD Hardwood Inc. is a global leader & kiln drying specialist offering a wide variety of quality North American hardwood lumber.

Premier Quality Hardwood Lumber is Our #1 Priority

DZD is proud to offer premier kiln-dried hardwood lumber products from a wide range of hardwood species that are native to North America. Our organization and team of professionals are committed to ethical, responsible and sustainable business practices in everything we do, beginning with the selection and receipt of premier quality logs we use for processing. We adhere to a strict control and inspection protocol during each phase of cutting, drying, grading and manufacturing of the timber, so that it can be transformed into the superior quality of hardwood lumber products that we are proud to offer.

We manufacture and distribute hardwood lumber from a variety of hardwood species, including White Oak, Red Oak, Cherry, Soft Maple, Hard Maple, White Ash, Black Walnut, Basswood, Birch, Poplar and most other species native to North America. With the availability of both standard and custom options, our premier hardwood lumber comes in a variety of different grades, thicknesses and widths and can also be cut to size to meet each of our customer's unique needs and requirements. 

Our North American Hardwood Species

NORTH AMERICAN HARDWOOD SPECIES: We have the ability to rip and surface lumber

DZD-Hardwood: hard maple
Hard Maple

DZD-Hardwood: yellow birch
Yellow Birch

DZD-Hardwood: white ash
White Ash

DZD-Hardwood: cherry

DZD-Hardwood: basswood

DZD-Hardwood: black walnut
Black Walnut

DZD-Hardwood: yellow poplar
Yellow Poplar

DZD-Hardwood: red elm
Red Elm

DZD-Hardwood: soft maple
Soft Maple

DZD-Hardwood: white oak
White Oak

DZD-Hardwood: red oak
Red Oak

DZD-Hardwood: hickory

Dimensions: Hardwoods can be cut to size based on customer specifications

DZD Hardwood: mission
In addition to our wide range of hardwood lumber products, DZD also offers direct-from-the-manufacturer hardwood finished products for retail, industrial and commercial applications, including flooring, stairs, wall coverings, decking and accessories at exceptional value, through its division Planchers Bellefeuille.
Finished Products: See the link to our finished products division Planchers Bellefeuille at


DZD is a dynamic and growing company that values integrity, commitment, and engagement in a fun working environment where every employee's contributions drives its continued success. We are always looking for great talent and would love to hear from you!

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DZD hardwood is a family business, specializing in hardwood lumber handling drying and remanufacturing since 1983.

450 Roland Godard, St-Jérôme,
Québec Canada J7Y 4G8
T. 450-431-1643

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