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Production, Drying and Worldwide Distribution of Hardwood Lumber

DZD Hardwood Inc. is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler and global exporter of premier hardwood lumber, serving industrial, commercial and retail customers throughout North America and around the globe. 
For over 40 years, DZD’s unwavering commitment is to provide premier North American hardwood lumber solutions for all of our customers’ specific needs. Whether you are looking to distribute, manufacture or export high-quality hardwood lumber, DZD Hardwood is your trusted partner and solution provider. 

Our Mission
To be a world class eco-responsible industry leader in providing the highest quality of hardwood lumber that is available so as to enable our customers and partners continued success.
High quality hardwood that fits your needs

Worldwide Distribution of Hardwood Lumber

DZD Hardwood Inc. specializes in producing, drying and distributing North American hardwood lumber to worldwide markets.

We are committed to offering high quality, consistently dried, well graded hardwood lumber to fit our customer`s specific needs.

The Right Partner for all your Hardwood Needs

Our team of dedicated, highly skilled and certified professionals are passionate about our products. DZD is committed to offering the best customer care that the industry has to offer and are always available to assist you, with all of your hardwood lumber needs. 
DZD Hardwood: Storage

Our Facility

DZD Hardwood’s state-of-art grading and storage facility is conveniently located in St. Jerome, 60 km north of the port of Montreal, Canada, where the raw materials are skillfully processed to produce exceptional yields that enable our customers’ continued success. We carry an expansive inventory and wide selection of kiln dried hardwood products, for manufacturing, distributing and exporting to both domestic and worldwide markets, including Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.


DZD Hardwood Leadership

DZD is a family owned and operated Canadian hardwood lumber company whose reputation starts with its leadership. Since its start in 1983, DZD’s traditional values of honesty, integrity and ethical business conduct have been the foundation upon which the company has been built through the years and remains at the core of everything we do.  

DZD is committed to bringing its customers and partners the best in hardwood lumber and an unparalleled customer experience all at a reasonable price to help their bottom line.

DZD Hardwood: Team
DZD Hardwood Inc. is a family business that specializes in drying and handling Hardwood lumber since 1983.

Our kiln drying expertise and well trained committed work force continues to make DZD a leader in the North American hardwood lumber industry.

DZD values their long standing relationships with customers as well as their suppliers, built over the last 4 decades.

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DZD Hardwood Inc.
450 Roland Godard, St-Jérôme,
Québec Canada J7Y 4G8
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DZD hardwood is a family business, specializing in hardwood lumber handling drying and remanufacturing since 1983.

450 Roland Godard, St-Jérôme,
Québec Canada J7Y 4G8
T. 450-431-1643

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